Ironstone Mountain

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Ironstone Mountain
Elevation 1,443 m (4,734 ft)
Location Central Highlands, Tasmania, Australia
Range Great Western Tiers
Coordinates 41°43′S 146°30′E / 41.717°S 146.500°E / -41.717; 146.500Coordinates: 41°43′S 146°30′E / 41.717°S 146.500°E / -41.717; 146.500

Ironstone Mountain is in the Central Highlands of Tasmania, not far from the escarpment of the Great Western Tiers, south of the small country village of Mole Creek. At 1443 metres it is the highest part of the Great Western Tiers and has a nearby companion lake, Lake Ironstone. The highest point is marked with a trig point, but more dominant is the slightly lower part of the mountain depicted here in the information box.

Mountain Facts[edit]

The mountain is at grid reference 563819 UTM Zone 55S (Universal Transverse Mercator coordinate system) and high resolution topographical information is available on Tasmap Lake Mackenzie (4438) 1:25000.


Access to Ironstone Mountain is mainly from two walking tracks. The closest access is from the north via Mole Creek, Caveside and Westrope Road to the Western Creek Track which follows the eastern side of the gully formed by Western Creek. Another access route is from the east via Deloraine, Meander, Smoko Road and the "Mount Ironstone" Track. This track starts two kilometres south of Mother Cummings Peak, another dominant landmark in the region.


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