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Web address
Commercial? No
Type of site
Campaign website
Launched 2006
Current status inactive was an anti-Internet censorship campaign and website by Amnesty International and The Observer. It was developed in 2006 by Soda Creative and hosted by Darq Ltd. The site was based in the United Kingdom, but is open to participation from people around the world. allowed users to republish excerpts of allegedly censored sites on their websites. These excerpts linked back to, where visitors could learn more about the censored site in question.

Visitors were also invited to sign a pledge opposing online repression. Amnesty presented this petition with over 50,000 signatures at the November 2006 United Nations Internet Governance Forum in Athens. was based on an idea by Alexander Kohlhofer and was created to mark the 45th anniversary of Amnesty International.

Some of the sites listed as censored[edit]

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