Iru Phutunqu (Chile-Nor Lípez)

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For the mountain on the border of Chile and Bolivia in the Potosí Department, Daniel Campos Province, see Iru Phutunqu (Chile-Daniel Campos).
Iru Phutunqu
Iru Phutunqu is located in Bolivia
Iru Phutunqu
Iru Phutunqu
Location in Bolivia, on the border with Chile
Elevation 5,163 m (16,939 ft)[1]
Location Bolivia, Potosí Department, Nor Lípez Province
Chile, Tarapacá Region
Range Andes, Cordillera Occidental
Coordinates 20°43′55″S 68°33′08″W / 20.73194°S 68.55222°W / -20.73194; -68.55222Coordinates: 20°43′55″S 68°33′08″W / 20.73194°S 68.55222°W / -20.73194; -68.55222
Type Stratovolcano
Last eruption September 1995[1]
Map showing Iru Phutunqu on the border of Bolivia and Chile south west of the Uyuni salt flat

Iru Phutunqu (Aymara iru spiny Peruvian feather grass, phutunqu a small vessel or a hole, pit, crater,[2] hispanicized spellings Iru Putuncu, Irruputuncu, Iruputuncu) is a stratovolcano which lies on the border of Chile and Bolivia. On the Chilean side it is situated in the Tarapacá Region. On the Bolivian side it is located in the Potosí Department, Nor Lípez Province, Quemes Municipality, south east of the Uyuni salt flat.[3][4]

It is a relatively small peak, lying within the collapse scarp of a debris avalanche from earlier in the Holocene, which was built up by eruptions to fill much of that feature. There are two craters lying at the summit, with the one to the south displaying fumaroles. In 1995 the peak's first eruption in recorded history occurred in the form of a phreatic eruption.[1]

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