Irving Street Chinatown, San Francisco

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Irving Street Chinatown
Neighborhood of San Francisco
Irving Street Chinatown is located in San Francisco County
Irving Street Chinatown
Irving Street Chinatown
Location within San Francisco
Coordinates: 37°45′47″N 122°28′59″W / 37.763°N 122.483°W / 37.763; -122.483
 • Board of Supervisors David Chiu
 • State Assembly Tom Ammiano (D)
 • State Senate Mark Leno (D)
 • U.S. House Nancy Pelosi (D)
ZIP Code 94122
Area code(s) 415

The U.S. city of San Francisco has a "third" Chinatown (Chinese: 第三唐人街; pinyin: dì sān táng rén jiē) located on Irving Street (Chinese: 伊荣街; pinyin: yī róng jiē) between 19th and 27th Avenues[1] in the Sunset District.[2] According to another source, the Irving Street Chinatown is a place for the "wealthy Chinese"[3] According to another source, only the "recent immigrants and the elderly choose to live in Chinatown because of the availability of affordable housing and their familiarity with the culture."[4] According to another source, the name given by locals is "Third Chinatown" on Irving Street.[2] Maxine Cass wrote "... as I write this in San Francisco's Sunset District, its third Chinatown, I have only to walk down the front steps to feel the cool breeze mixed with summer fog."[5] Another author wrote "... the third Chinatown resembles the Oakland and San Francisco Chinese community, bustling with shoppers."[6]

History and Demographics[edit]

This thematic map shows the Sunset District's large Asian American population in western San Francisco.

Originally, Irving Street was called "I Street" as it was part of a sequence that had letters A-W, with H Street being called Lincoln Street. The original residents were almost exclusively European until the 1970s when "people of color" started moving in. Today, the Chinatown is part of the district where people of Chinese descent are the largest group.[7]

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