Irvington (BART station)

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Map showing the location of the Irvington station.

Irvington is a planned Bay Area Rapid Transit station in southern Fremont, California, part of the Warm Springs BART extension.[1]


The Warm Springs extension is being built through the Irvington District, which is located between the Fremont and Warm Springs stations. A station in Irvington was originally planned as part of this extension; however, funding could not be secured and it is only being partially developed until the funds can be put together.

The city of Fremont had planned to finance the 140 million dollar station through redevelopment agency bonds in 2009. However, due to governor Jerry Brown's proposed elimination of these funds, the plan was put on hold.[2] In 2011, it became clear that redevelopment was off the table when the California State Legislature voted to cut the agency down. At this point, the city council decided to go ahead with building the station on its own, citing improving interest rates.[2] The Irvington BART station was originally scheduled to be completed in late 2015, but as of 2013 the city of Fremont was still seeking funding for the construction of the station.[3] The 2014 Alameda County Transportation Expenditure Plan, which would be funded if voters pass a measure on the November 2014 ballot, allocates $120 million for the Irvington BART station. [4][5]

AC Transit will provide bus service to this station.


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