Isère (river)

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Grenoble Isere.jpg
The Isère in the centre of Grenoble
Rhone drainage basin.png
Drainage basin of the Rhone (the Isère flows through Grenoble in the centre of the map)
Origin Graian Alps
Mouth Rhône
44°58′57″N 4°51′14″E / 44.98250°N 4.85389°E / 44.98250; 4.85389 (Rhône-Isère)Coordinates: 44°58′57″N 4°51′14″E / 44.98250°N 4.85389°E / 44.98250; 4.85389 (Rhône-Isère)
Basin countries France
Length 286 km
Source elevation ±3000 m
Avg. discharge 360 m³/s
Basin area 11,800 km²

The Isère is a 286 km long river in southeastern France, in the Rhône-Alpes région. Its source is in the Alps on the border with Italy, near the ski resort Val d'Isère. It flows into the river Rhône (left bank) in Pont-de-l'Isère, a few km north of Valence. Its upper valley is called Tarentaise, and its middle valley Grésivaudan.

The Isère flows through the following départements and cities:

Tributaries include:


Isère valley from the Chartreuse Mountains