Is It True (Brenda Lee song)

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"Is It True"
Single by Brenda Lee
A-side "Is It True"
B-side "What'd I Say" (UK)/"Just Behind the Rainbow" (US)
Released 1964
Genre Rock
Label Decca Records
Writer(s) Carter & Lewis

"Is It True" is a 1964 Brenda Lee song. In 1964 Brenda Lee was flown by Decca to England to cut a single record, initially conceived of as for release exclusively in the United Kingdom (it was however in reality released in the U.S. shortly after release in the U.K.). "Is It True," was written by Carter & Lewis, John Carter and Ken Lewis, then two of England's top songwriters.[1] The single reached No.17 in both UK and US.[2][3][4] The guitarist on the single was Jimmy Page,[5] who achieved an early wah pedal effect (0:38-0:42) before the effect became popular.[6]


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