Is There a Doctor in the Mouse?

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Is There a Doctor in the Mouse?
Tom and Jerry series
Title Card
Directed by Chuck Jones
Maurice Noble (co-director)
Produced by Chuck Jones
Les Goldman
Story by Michael Maltese
Chuck Jones
Voices by Mel Blanc
Music by Eugene Poddany
Animation by Ben Washam
Ken Harris
Don Towsley
Tom Ray
Dick Thompson
Studio Sib Tower 12 Productions
Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release date(s) United States 1964
Color process Metrocolor
Running time 7:13
Language English
Preceded by The Cat Above and the Mouse Below
Followed by Much Ado About Mousing

Is There a Doctor in the Mouse? is a 1964 cartoon directed and produced by Chuck Jones. The title is a pun on the famous phrase "Is There a Doctor in the House?"


Jerry is mixing a potion. When he drinks the potion, he discovers he is able to run (and eat) at blinding speed. Tom is about to eat a sardine, but Jerry gets to it first. Tom is confused, and then waves it off and goes for the rest of the fish, but before he can, Jerry steals those, too. Tom then sops up the last bit of fish gravy with his finger, but Jerry eats it and also takes the skin off that finger. Tom begins to wonder if it is a ghost eating his food, but he denies this idea, discounting it as stupid. He comes to the conclusion that it must be a bug with a jet-pack and chatter-like teeth.

Tom slips a large watermelon slice around the corner and readies a flyswatter. Jerry mows through all of the watermelon flesh and Tom only ends up scattering the rind and seeds around. When Tom sees an entire turkey being eaten, he panics and takes a grape cluster and an apple from the table. Jerry eats the apple down to the core, then comes back to eat the entire fruit and then to eat all but one of the grapes. Tom covers up the grape, then licks his lips at it before Jerry swipes it. Now, Tom starts to go berserk. He hides in the refrigerator and then starts to take a sniff of a rack of ribs. He does not see Jerry swipe them all until he bites on each of the bones in turn.

Tom then sets out a cake and films Jerry stealing it so he can see who is taking his food. After Tom prepares the film, he plays it in slow motion. This is what happened:

Jerry approaches from the right and ate the cake one layer at a time, then he took the cherry on top. Tom sees this and mutters somewhat in the vein of, "Why, that mouse is very strong!"

Jerry then bounces the cherry like a basketball and then gets a net through which the cherry falls into Jerry's mouth. Jerry bounces up, dashes super fast to the right and grabs the net so that it twists into the word, "Finis".

Tom comes up with a plan to catch the mouse in his act. He makes a mousetrap sandwich and makes a "Mmm" gesture so that Jerry will chomp it and get trapped. Jerry does take the bait, but the trap does not work. Tom bites at the mouse, but ends up biting the mousetrap which causes him to scream and launching himself into the light fixture. Jerry brakes and raids the refrigerator. Tom follows him and opens the door to find a banana walking. Tom snatches it up and pulls the banana skin down to reveal the mouse and right after Jerry ate it. Jerry kisses Tom's nose and runs off at super speed, but the potion wears off and throws the mouse around randomly. Jerry falls into his hole as Tom reaches for him.

Jerry makes a second potion, but this time, it makes him grow to an unbelievably large size. Tom catches the mouse's tail and somehow manages to pull him through the wall. When Tom can no longer lug the load around, he turns around to see the mega-Jerry sadistically raising his eyebrows and waving at him. Tom begins to laugh at the Super Sized Jerry, but then begins to cry, meaning that he is worried, as the cartoon ends.

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