Isaac Yakovlevich Pavlovsky

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Исаак Яковлевич Павловский
Isaac Yakovlevich Pavlovsky
Born 1853
Taganrog, Russian Empire
Died 1924
Paris, France
Pen name Яковлев
Occupation journalist, writer
Nationality Russian

Isaac Yakovlevich Pavlovsky was born in 1853 in the city of Taganrog, friend of Anton Chekhov, studied at Taganrog's Boys Gymnasium, was an activist at the Taganrog revolutionary circle and was arrested and tried at the so-called Trial of the 193. Became political immigrant in 1878. Made his debut as journalist in Le Temps in 1880 with the story about his imprisonment En Cellule.

In 1888, Isaac Pavlovsky returned to Russia and worked for the Novoye Vremya (newspaper), where he published his Paris correspondence.

Among his publications are: Little people with great sorrow ("Маленькие люди с большим горем", Saint Petersburg, 1889), Sketches of the Contemporary Spain ("Очерки современной Испании", Saint Petersburg, 1889), There and Back ("Туда и обратно", Saint Petersburg, 1891), Paris Sketches ("Парижские очерки") and other.

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