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For the band, see Isaac James.

Isaak James (born Jean-Yves Hasson on Cape Cod, Massachusetts) is an American film director, actor, singer and musician. He is the founder of Last Ditch Pictures. James is based in New York.


James graduated New York University's Tisch School of the Arts


James has appeared as an actor in several films. In 2006, along with his sister Eva James, he wrote, directed and starred in Special Needs[1] a controversial film about people with disabilities. Special Needs was acquired by Lloyd Kaufman at Troma Entertainment in 2007.[2] The film played in several film festivals between 2007 and 2008.[3] Special Needs is available to purchase on DVD and rental through NetFlix.[4]

James completed his second feature Hungry Years in 2009. The film stars Tah von Allmen, himself, Michael J. Burg, Ashlie Atkinson and Michael E. Knight.[5] PopMatters praised it for being very funny, awarded it 10/10, and compared James to Woody Allen.[6] The Miami Herald found it betrayed signs of the filmmaker's inexperience, with over-talky scenes needing editing and self-conscious actors, despite some amusing scenes.[7]

James completed Turbine in 2011. The film played at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival[8] as well as the Saint Louis International Film Festival[9]


James has appeared in TV shows including I Wanna Be a Soap Star 2.[10]

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