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Isabel Cooper-Oakley c. 1884

Isabel Cooper-Oakley (1853/4–1914), was a prominent Theosophist and author.[1]

She was born in Amritsar, India, studied at Cambridge and married Alfred J. Oakley. They then both changed their surname to Cooper-Oakley. Alfred stayed some years at Adyar, India, as an assistant to Henry Steel Olcott. He left to become Registrar of the University of Madras.[2] Sometime in the late 1890s, G.R.S. Mead became her brother-in-law when he married her sister, another prominent Theosophist, Laura Cooper.

Isabel Cooper-Oakley died on March 3, 1914, at Budapest, Hungary.



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  2. ^ "The 'K.H.' letters to Leadbetter"

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