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Isabel Gómez-Bassols

Isabel Gómez-Bassols is a psychologist, writer, and broadcaster in the United States. She is a radio talk show host on Univisión's nationwide Spanish-language radio network, and also appears regularly on television.[1][2]


Gómez-Bassols was born in Cuba; she has lived in Miami for most of her life.[1] She has postgraduate degrees in education, psychology and pschyological diagnosis.[3][4] She worked as a schoolteacher,[1] and later as a psychologist, for the public school system of Miami-Dade County, where she became head of the psychological services department.[3][4] She has written five self-help books and two children's books.[5]

Gómez-Bassols has hosted a nationwide daily talk show, Dra. Isabel, since 1998, beginning on Radio Unica.[1] The show has been broadcast by Univision Radio since 2004.[2][6][7] On television, she has made regular appearances as a commentator on Cristina and Sábado Gigante, and she has her own weekly television show as well.[1][2] In 2002 Gómez-Bassols performed as herself (Doctora Isabel) in five episodes of the The Bold and the Beautiful.[1]


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