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Isabelle Ishtar Michaels (born June 23, 1998) is an Assyrian-American singer. She is popular in the Assyrian market, worldwide. She is the daughter of poet Marina Benjamin. Within the 13 years of beginning her music career, she sang the American National Anthem through the WGN9 News Helicopter and perform the Assyrian National Anthem at Skokie Opening Ceremony.[citation needed]

Ishtar has also worked with Overshadowed Productions for Acting, and made an appearance as guest star in Assyrian Superstar in Chicago, Illinois and another appearance in the Harmony of Two Rivers ACERO Concert at the Gallo Center of Arts in Modesto, California.[citation needed]

Ishtar released her first album Christmas with Isabelle in 2008. Being one of the first Assyrian Christmas albums ever.[citation needed] She has also performed at the Never-Again Artists for Peace Concert, joining the stage with artists like Chaka Khan, Eric Benet, Stevie Wonder, and Judith Hill.[citation needed]

Ishtar has made red carpet appearances, and has had many modeling photo shoots. Nineveh Magazine has also published an article about her.[citation needed]

Assyrian churches around the world teach Ishtar's Christmas songs to sing in choir. Ishtar has been working with Hollywood Connections Center, recently and recording with Tiamat Productions. Since the age of six, Ishtar has been taking private vocal lessons.

Isabelle Ishtar travels across the U.S. to perform, and has been offered to sing and have a concert in Australia, Canada and Iraq.


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