Isabella of France, Dauphine of Viennois

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Isabella of France
Dauphine of Viennois
Reign 1323-1333
Spouse Guigues VIII of Viennois
John III, Lord of Faucogney
Issue Humbert de La Tour du Pin
House House of Capet
Father Philip V of France
Mother Joan II, Countess of Burgundy
Born c.1312
Died April 1348

For other persons named Isabella of France, see Isabella of France (disambiguation)

Isabella of France and Burgundy (c. 1312 – April 1348) was the daughter of Philip V of France and Joan II, Countess of Burgundy. She was a member of the House of Capet.[1]


When Isabella was only two years old, her mother was placed under house arrest because it was thought she was having love affairs. Joan was released the following year since Isabella's father, Philip refused to divorce her. Her aunt, Blanche of Burgundy had been imprisoned in the fortress of Château Gaillard in 1314 along with Isabella's other aunt, Margaret of Burgundy.

Isabella married Guigues VIII of Viennois in 1323 (the marriage was contracted in Lyon on 18 June 1316 and made in Dole on 17 May 1323). The marriage produced one son,

Guigues was killed while besieging the Savoyard castle of Perrière in 1333. He left the Dauphiné to his brother Humbert II. He was buried in Saint-André in Grenoble.

In 1335, Isabella married John III, Lord of Faucogney. She was widowed a second a time as John died in 1345, this marriage was childless. Isabella herself died in April 1348 aged 35 or 36.