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Isadar Portrait.jpg
Background information
Birth name Fabian Isadore Thibodeaux
Born (1968-03-07) March 7, 1968 (age 46)
Church Point, Louisiana, US
Genres Jazz, art pop, electronic, synth pop, adult contemporary, new-age
Occupation(s) Musician, singer, songwriter, record producer
Instruments Vocals, piano, keyboards, flute, piccolo, oboe
Years active 1990–present
Labels Sony Music Entertainment, Mainya Music, The Orchard (Digital Distribution Company)
Associated acts

William Ackerman

Rufus Thibodeaux
Notable instruments
Fairlight CMI

Isadar (born Fabian Isadore Thibodeaux (/ˈtɪbəd/ TIB-ə-doh); March 7, 1968) is an American pianist, singer-songwriter, musician, recording artist, music video director, and record producer.[1] He is known for his one-man band approach of multi-tracking his vocal music in recording studios as well as self-producing his music videos. Although he does not perform live, he occasionally tours promoting his solo piano projects and actively promotes his music videos on public access television. His piano music is featured on Pandora Radio,[2] (including a separate Isadar (Holiday) station featuring his Christmas piano music),[3] the "Soundscapes" channel of Music Choice, XM Sirius Radio – Channel 68 The Spa, in Canada on the Stingray Music channel The Spa, and on the David Nevue created Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio online radio station.[4][5]

Early life[edit]

Isadar was born in Church Point, Louisiana, and is a Cajun of Acadian ancestry. He is a graduate of Notre Dame High School in Crowley, Louisiana.[6] He is a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. In his teens, Isadar played flute, piccolo and oboe in his high school band and was the Drum Major during marching band season. He was a member of the mixed vocal and hand-bell choirs at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church in Lafayette, Louisiana. He had minor roles and contributed musically in area community and college theatre productions. According to an interview published in The Huffington Post, he is distantly related to the former child actor Keith Thibodeaux best known for playing "Little Ricky" in the popular I Love Lucy and The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour television shows.[7]

Musical style[edit]

Isadar was first inspired by 80s British pop music, particularly the music of Kate Bush. He was also inspired by music made with the Fairlight CMI. However, after attending a Baton Rouge, Louisiana concert in 1989 by Windham Hill pianist Liz Story, Isadar began to also compose solo works for the piano.[8]

In March 2012, Grammy award winning guitarist and founder of Windham Hill Records, William Ackerman produced a solo piano project for Isadar at his Imaginary Road Studio in Windham County, Vermont. The project, titled Reconstructed, is a re-working and re-recording of tracks Ackerman felt were the strongest from the six solo piano albums Isadar released since 1990. After working together, Ackerman stated, "The music we recorded ranged from the achingly beautiful to the breathtakingly technical, all of this rendered expertly through the unique musical lens that Isadar offers us."[9] The album peaked at the No. 2 chart position of the Zone Music Reporter[10] for June of the same year and was nominated for "Album Of The Month" for July, and subsequently nominated for "Album Of The Year" by the Spanish website, ReviewsNewAge.[11][12] The album went on to be submitted for consideration into 5 categories for the 55th Annual Grammy Awards.[13] In September 2014, the track "Uncertainty" from Reconstructed was included on The Gathering II, a compilation featuring a new generation of musicians produced by Ackerman continuing the Windham Hill Sampler legacy.[14]


During the production of his 1998 album Cycles, Isadar acquired a Fairlight CMI from Herbie Hancock through Hancock's producer Bill Laswell. Isadar also utilizes the Disklavier player-piano in the production of his solo piano recordings. He additionally releases his piano music in this unique software format.

Cover songs[edit]

Isadar has covered two Madonna songs, "Burning Up"[15] & "Get Together".[16] He also made a cover of Kate Bush's "Running Up that Hill (A Deal with God)".[17] Music videos were made for all three of these covers.[18][19][20] For his 2007 album, LiFe v.2.o he made a cover of Toni Childs' song "Dreamer."[21] He has also made two solo piano covers of two compositions written by pianist Liz Story, "Wedding Rain"[22] & "Things With Wings".[23]

Video projects[edit]

Isadar has appeared in many self-produced and directed music videos designed to accompany his vocal music.[24] Among the best known is "Dream Of The Dead"[25] which was directly influenced by the album The Dreaming by Kate Bush.

Several collections of Isadar's music videos have been released on DVD.[26][27][28][29] Additionally, DVD volumes of his solo piano performances have also been released.[30][31][32][33]

Series One & Two of his music videos and piano performances were cable-casted in 2009 and 2010 (re-aired in 2012) on New York City's public access television station, Manhattan Neighborhood Network. In 2010 and 2011, these same two Series also aired in California on Channel LA36, a public access television station reaching the greater Los Angeles area.[34] Series One was converted into an iTunes Store Video Podcast.[35]

On May 11, 2012, Isadar performed a live solo piano concert to promote the release of his Will Ackerman produced Reconstructed album at the historical "Grand Opera House of the South" in Crowley, Louisiana.[36] The concert was filmed and released on DVD as The Grand Opera House Of The South Presents: ISADAR.[37]


Isadar discography
Studio albums 15
Compilation albums 3
Music videos 41
Solo piano performance videos 33
Video DVD collections 8
Live concert DVD 1
Instrumental albums 8
Solo piano studio albums 8
Box Set 1
  • Near The Edge of Light (piano solos) (1990)
  • Elevations (Electronic Soundscapes) (1994)
  • Dream of the Dead (1997)
  • Dream of the Dead (Instrumental Version) (1997)
  • ...And on Earth, Peace! (1997) (credited as Fabian Thibodeaux) [Sony Music][38]
  • Cycles (1998)
  • Cycles (Instrumental Version) (1998)
  • Active Imagination (solo piano) (1999)
  • In Search For The Meaning Of Christmas (solo piano) (1999)
  • The Journey (piano) (2000)
  • The Purple Heart (improvisational solo piano) (2003)
  • Lessons In Love (3-disc set) (2005)
  • Lessons In Love (3-disc set) (Instrumental Version) (2005)
  • Private Property (2006)
  • Private Property (Instrumental Version) (2006)
  • Scratching The Surface – Sampler (Disc One – Solo Piano) (2006)
  • Scratching The Surface – Sampler (Disc Two – Electro-Voice) (2006)
  • Scratching The Surface – Sampler (Disc Two – Electro-Voice) (Instrumental Version) (2006)
  • LiFe v.2.o (2007)
  • LiFe v.2.o (Instrumental Version) (2007)
  • The Omega Point (2008)
  • The Omega Point (Instrumental Version) (2008)
  • Solo Piano Anthology: 1990–2010 (6-disc set) (2010)
  • Reconstructed (solo piano) (2012) [produced by Will Ackerman]
  • O Christmas (solo piano) (2012)
  • Red (piano) (2013)
  • Compilation: "The Gathering II" (Various Artists) (2014) [produced by Will Ackerman]

Music videos[edit]

Song Year Director
"Keep It Inside" 2001 Doug Ingber
"Your Man (I Wanna Be)" 2008 Isadar
"Surrender" 2008 Isadar
"Loving You From Afar (Adagio)" 2008 Isadar
"Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)" (Kate Bush cover) 2008 Isadar
"Lessons In Love (The Messenger)" 2008 Isadar
"Matter Of Time" 2008 Isadar
"I Give You Love" 2008 Isadar
"Superdome" 2008 Isadar
"Dream Of The Dead" 2008 Isadar
"Dream Of The Dead (Single/Radio Remix)" 2008 Isadar
"Dream Of The Dead (12" Mix)" 2008 Isadar
"The Lord's Prayer (Our Father)" 2008 Isadar
"Take Me Back" 2008 Isadar
"Private Property" 2008 Isadar
"The Omega Point" 2008 Isadar
"Burning Up" (Madonna cover) 2008 Isadar
"No Hope" 2009 Isadar
"I Love You" 2009 Isadar
"Ennui (World Boredom)" 2009 Isadar
"On A Pedestal" 2009 Isadar
"Fun & Games" 2009 Isadar
"Meant To Be" 2009 Isadar
"Thinking About You" 2009 Isadar
"Get Together" (Madonna cover) 2009 Isadar
"The Bermuda Triangle (solo piano version)" 2009 Isadar
"By My Side" 2009 Isadar
"LiFe v.2.o" 2009 Kyle Johnson
"TRILOGY: Winter (solo piano)" 2009 Isadar
"TRILOGY: Ice (solo piano)" 2009 Isadar
"TRILOGY: Snow (solo piano)" 2009 Isadar
"Midnight (solo piano)" 2009 Isadar
"Carol Of The Bells (solo piano)" 2009 Isadar
"Silent (solo piano)" 2009 Isadar
"New York City Skyline (solo piano)" 2010 Isadar
"Everything I Was Looking For" 2010 Isadar
"Uh-Oh!" 2010 Isadar
"Come To Me" 2010 Isadar
"Loving You From Afar (Presto)" 2010 Isadar
"Loving You From Afar (Bouncy Remix)" 2010 Isadar
"LiFe v.2.o (Remix)" 2010 Kyle Johnson

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