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Bishop Isaias Papadopoulos (born on 24 February 1855, Pyrgos[disambiguation needed], Greece - died on 19 January 1932) was the first Exarch of the Greek Byzantine Catholic Church.


Born on 24 February 1855 in Pyrgos, Greece, Papadopoulos was ordained an Orthodox priest in 1882. In 1883 he converted to Catholicism beside a small group of Greek Orthodox in Thrace. In 1907 he had built the church in Thrace and was appointed vicar general for the Greek Catholics within the Apostolic Delegation of Constantinople,[1] and in 1911 he received episcopal consecration and was put in charge of the newly established ordinariate for Greek Byzantine Catholic Church, which later became an exarchate. On 28 June 1911 Papadopoulos was appointed Titular Bishop of Gratianopolis and was ordained bishop on 21 January 1912. In 1928 he was named Assessor of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches by Pope Pius XI.[2] Papadopoulos died on 19 January 1932.

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