Isao Matsuoka

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Isao Matsuoka (松岡功 Matsuoka Isao, born December 18, 1934), Chairman, Toho Co., Ltd..

A graduate of the prestigious Konan University, Matsuoka serves as Chairman of the Toho Co., Ltd., a position he has held for 12 years since his appointment in 1995. He had previously served as President and recently celebrated his 50th year with the company.

Recently honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by ShoWest, Matsuoka is credited with helping establish Toho as the preeminent film production, distribution and exhibition company in Japan with his revolutionary and innovative reforms.

Mr Matsuoka was awarded the FIAPF Award for outstanding achievement in film at the 2009 Asia Pacific Screen Awards.

Established in 1932, Toho is known internationally for its Godzilla series and the Akira Kurosawa classics such as Seven Samurai, Yojimbo, and Kagemusha.

His son, Shuzo Matsuoka is a former professional tennis player.