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Type Confectionery
Place of origin Germany
Main ingredients Chocolate, coconut oil
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Ischoklad ("Ice chocolate"; Eiskonfekt in German) is a candy originating in Germany which is now popular in both Germany and Sweden, and it is a seasonal candy in Denmark and Sweden during Christmas. It is usually made using just chocolate (half to two thirds) and coconut oil (a third to a half).

The reference to ice in the name relates to the fact that it melts very easily in the mouth and is perceived to have a cooling effect as the heat energy is absorbed. This effect is due to the melting point of coconut oil lying between 20 and 23 Celsius degrees; around ten degrees lower than chocolate. In some recipes menthol is added, and in industrial production urea is often added, both of which increase the cooling sensation.

Ischoklad is a popular Swedish Christmas treat. In Germany, the largest producer of eiskonfekt is Eichetti.

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