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Isebantu Kyabazinga or Kyabazinga of Busoga is the title given to the ruler of the Kingdom of Busoga in Uganda. Isebantu means "father of the people." [1] This name was a symbol of unity derived from the expression and recognition by the people of Busoga that their leader was the "father of all people who brings all of them together", and who also serves as their cultural leader. The former Kyabazinga of Busoga was Henry Wako Muloki, who was born in 1921 and died on 1 September 2008.

The queen consort to the Kyabazinga is known as Inhebantu.

The Kyabazinga of Busoga was abolished in 1966 when the former President of Uganda Milton Obote disbanded all traditional institutions within the country, including the Kingdom of Busoga and the title of Kyabazinga.[2] The Kyabazinga was restored with the restoration of traditional institutions during the 1990s and the second coronation of Henry Wako Muloki on February 11, 1995.[1]


The Kyabazingaship in Busoga is an elected post.[2] The Kyabazinga is chosen from just five of the eleven Busoga royal traditional chiefs.[2] Only these five may elect the next Kyabazinga, who is from their own ranks.[2] The Kyabazinga holds the title for a certain period of time before a new title holder in chosen by the chiefs.[2]

There have recently been calls by Basoga elders to allow that all eleven royal hereditary chiefs be permitted to elect the next Kyabazinga, instead of just the traditional five chiefs.[3] The demands for change came during the selection process for a successor to the late Henry Wako Muloki.[3]

List of Kyabazinga of Busoga[edit]


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