Iset River

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Jekaterinburg akvobarajho en isetj.jpg
Iset River in Yekaterinburg
Origin Isetskoye Lake
Mouth Tobol River
Basin countries Russia
Length 606 km
Avg. discharge 105 km from mouth: 65.4 m³/s
Basin area 58 900 km²

Iset River is a river that flows in Sverdlovsk, in Russia. It flows into the Tobol River, and the city of Ekaterinburg lies on the river.[1]

The length of the Iset River is 606 km.[1][2]

The Techa is a tributary of the Iset.[2]


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Coordinates: 56°35′55″N 66°17′22″E / 56.59861°N 66.28944°E / 56.59861; 66.28944