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Coordinates: 41°19′15″N 19°48′59″E / 41.32083°N 19.81639°E / 41.32083; 19.81639

Blloku as viewed from Sky Tower

Ish-Blloku or commonly known as Blloku (literally the Block) is an upmarket area in Tirana, Albania widely known as an entertainment and shopping destination with its many boutiques, shops, restaurants, trendy bars, pubs, and cafes. The area is part of the neighbourhood of Tirana e Re in southwestern Tirana. During the peak summer months, its trendy bars transfer along the Albanian Riviera.

Before the 1950s, a number of factories operated in the area. During the Communist period it became a secluded residential area for the members of the Albanian politburo. Among the surviving villas, the area houses the former residence of Albanian communist leader Enver Hoxha.

Since the fall of communism in Albania, a dramatic growth of new developments has taken place, with many new exclusive flats and apartments. Ish-Blloku has been called the "playground of the young Albanian elite".[1]

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