Ishbara Tolis

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Ishbara Tolis (personal name Tong Shad) was the ruler of Western Turkic Khaganate (empire) between 634-638.

He was Bagha Shad's son. After his elder brother Dulu Khan abdicated, he was enthroned in 634 in very unfavorable circumstances. He had to rely on vassal tribes which were more powerful than himself. In 635, he sent arrows to ten tribes which meant legitimatizing them as shads (semi independent governor princes), but he was careful to keep the delicate balance between the two rival factions by appointing five from Dulo clan and five from Nushibi. (Thus his empire came to be known as Ok ok, meaning ten arrows.) Even this policy however, wasn't successful, because after a clash and a treaty (Ili River Treaty) he was dethroned. The tribes appointed Yukuk Shad a prince from the recently collapsed Eastern Empire as their ruler. Ishbara Tolis spent the rest of his life among his former Nushibi subjects.[1]


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Ishbara Tolis
Preceded by
Dulu Khan
Khagan of the Western Turkic Khaganate
Succeeded by
Yukuk Shad