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Ishmael is the first child of Abraham in Abrahamic religions.

Ishmael may also refer to:


  • Ishmael son of Nataniah, the murderer of Gedaliah, Nebuchadnezzar II's provincial governor
  • Ishmael (Book of Mormon), a figure in the Book of Mormon
  • Ishmael ben Elisha, more commonly "Rabbi Ishmael", 2nd-century rabbi
  • Ishmael ben Jose, 3rd-century rabbi, the son of Jose ben Halafta
  • Saint Isfael, a 6th-century Breton prince and Welsh saint also known as Ismael and Ishmael
  • Ishmael Beah (born 1980), author and former Sierra Leonean child soldier
  • Ishmael Noko, General Secretary of the Lutheran World Federation since 1995
  • Ishmael Reed (born 1938), American poet, essayist and novelist
  • Ishmael (Ian Smale) (born 1950), Christian singer from the UK, specialising in children's music

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Ishmael (Moby-Dick), the narrator in the novel Moby-Dick by Herman Melville
  • Ishmael, a "mad" character with apparent mystical powers in Ingmar Bergman's film Fanny and Alexander
  • Ishmael, the wizard who imprisoned the goblins in Goblins in the Castle by Bruce Coville



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