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For the 2001 film, see Ishtam (2001 film). For the 2012 film, see Ishtam (2012 film).

Ishtam (Telugu: ఇష్టం, English translation: Liking) is a Telugu movie produced by Ramoji Rao (Eenadu Group) and directed by Vikram Kumar & Raj Kumar. This is the debut movie of Shriya. Charan paired up with Shriya for the first time.


Karthik (Charan), hailing from a rich family, is quite inept in his academics. Neha (Shriya) is Subbu's (Chandra Mohan) daughter and she's motherless. Karthik is the senior of Neha in the college and rags her quite a bit. When Karthik's mother Lakshmi (Poonam Dhillon) meets with an accident, Neha rescues and admits her in a hospital. Overtime Lakshmi and Neha become friends and Neha falls in love with Karthik. But when Subbu proposes to get Karthik and Neha married, Lakshmi refuses. The film is about why Lakshmi doesn't accept for the marriage, who initially wanted Neha to get married to Karthik.