Isla Bartolomé

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For the Galapagos island, see Bartolomé Island.
Isla Bartolomé
Dramirez map.png
Isla Bartolomé is the largest of the Diego Ramírez Islands
Coordinates 56°32′15″S 68°43′10″W / 56.53750°S 68.71944°W / -56.53750; -68.71944
Archipelago Diego Ramírez Islands
Area 0.93 km2 (0.36 sq mi)
Highest elevation 190 m (620 ft)

Isla Bartolomé is an uninhabited subantarctic island. With an area of 93 ha and a maximum height of 190 m it is the largest of the Chilean Diego Ramírez Archipelago, being more than twice the size of the second largest - Isla Gonzalo, lying in the Drake Passage between the continents of South America and Antarctica. It is an important breeding site for Black-browed (over 35,000 pairs) and Grey-headed (over 9000 pairs) Albatrosses, as well as for Southern Giant Petrels.[1][2]

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The island is an important breeding site for Black-browed Albatrosses

Coordinates: 56°32′15″S 68°43′10″W / 56.53750°S 68.71944°W / -56.53750; -68.71944