Isla Gonzalo

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Isla Gonzalo or Isla Bote
Diego Ramirez station.jpg
The island with its weather station
Magallanes and Antártica Chilena Region
Isla Gonzalo is the second largest of the Diego Ramírez Islands
Coordinates 56°31′30″S 68°41′00″W / 56.52500°S 68.68333°W / -56.52500; -68.68333
Archipelago Diego Ramírez Islands
Area 0.38 km2 (0.15 sq mi)
Region Magallanes
Province Antártica
Commune Cabo de Hornos
Additional information
NGA UFI=-883269

Isla Gonzalo is a subantarctic island, uninhabited except for a weather and research station operated by the Chilean Navy. With an area of 38 ha it is the second largest (the largest being Isla Bartolomé) of the Chilean Diego Ramírez Archipelago, lying in the Drake Passage between the continents of South America and Antarctica. It is an important breeding site for Black-browed (over 6000 pairs) and Grey-headed (over 4000 pairs) Albatrosses, as well as for Southern Giant Petrels.[1][2]

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The island is an important breeding site for Grey-headed Albatrosses

Coordinates: 56°31′30″S 68°41′00″W / 56.52500°S 68.68333°W / -56.52500; -68.68333