Isla San José (Panama)

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Isla San José is the second largest island in the Pearl Islands, and has an area of 44 km². At the census of population 2000, it had a population of 10. The privately owned island has an area of about 17 square miles. Thousands of wild pigs and deer populate Isla San Jose, which has a rugged, rocky shoreline and over 50 beaches.[1]

A unit of U.S. soldiers tested chemical arms from 1945 to 1947 on the then deserted island, leaving behind at least eight unexploded 500 and 1,000-pound bombs.[1] A U.S. military text states that the larger bombs contained phosgene and cyanogen chloride, and smaller ones mustard gas.[1] Other reports state that the soldiers also tested VX nerve gas and sarin.[1] Unexploded ordnance on the islands is estimated in thousands of units of highly dangerous chemical mines.[dubious ] An unknown but large amount of munitions was also dropped into the sea around the island.[dubious ]

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Coordinates: 8°15′N 79°07′W / 8.250°N 79.117°W / 8.250; -79.117