Islam in the Gambia

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Islam is the majority religion of the Gambia, with around 95.3% of the population being Muslims.[1] Other religious societies are made up of Catholics, Protestants, and Traditional African religion. Islam in the Gambia is characterized by its coexistence with other religions. The majority of its Muslims are Sunni belonging to Maliki school of jurisprudence, influenced with Sufism. The Ahmadiyya movement is also present.[2] However, some popular religious and tribal practices diverge from mainstream Islam, with a system of marabout societies being very common. Gambia's Muslim population grew largely because of the efforts of 19th-century Muslim proselytizers and the peaceful period during British colonization. The religious freedom that the Gambia enjoys[citation needed] is largely the work of leadership, past and present, that has decided to build on the colonial legacy of religious pluralism.

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