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This article is about the building in Hong Kong. For the building in Birmingham, UK, see Island House (Birmingham).

Island House (Chinese: 舊政務司官邸) is located on Island House Lane, Yuen Chau Tsai (元洲仔), in Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong.


Built in 1905, Island House was built as the residence for the first British Police Magistrate appointed in 1898.

It was also the official residence of the District Officer (North) and residence of District Commissioners for the New Territories. Island House had been resided in by a total of 15 District Commissioners since 1949. The last resident of the Island House was Sir David Akers-Jones, who became Chief Secretary in 1985.

Since then, it has become the Island House Conservation Studies Centre (元洲仔自然環境保護研究中心) after it was passed to the custodianship of WWF HK.

It is one of the declared monuments of Hong Kong.

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