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Following is a list of major islands of South Korea, the Republic of Korea, arranged by body of water and then by province, and not including most uninhabited islands and islets. For a list of islands of North Korea, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, see: List of islands of North Korea.

The west coast of South Korea is bordered by the Yellow Sea, the Korea Strait is to the south, and the east coast is bordered by the Sea of Japan (East Sea of Korea). Most of South Korea's islands are found along the south and west coasts. The largest island, Jeju-do, lies off the southwest corner of the peninsula and has a land area of 1,849 square kilometres (714 square miles). Other important islands include Ulleung in the Sea of Japan and Ganghwa Island at the mouth of the Han River. Although the eastern coastline of South Korea is generally unindented, the southern and western coasts are jagged and irregular. The difference is caused by the fact that the eastern coast is gradually rising, while the southern and western coasts are subsiding.

Islands in Yellow Sea[edit]

from North to South








South Chungcheong[edit]







  • Yubudo

North Jeolla[edit]

South Jeolla[edit]

Islands in South Sea[edit]

from West to East

South Jeolla[edit]


South Gyeongsang[edit]

Within Hadong-gun[edit]

  • Mado
  • Daedo
  • Jangdo
  • Jujiseom

Within Namhae-gun[edit]

  • Namhaedo
  • Changseondo
  • Jodo
  • Hodo
  • Nodo
  • Sochido
  • Maando
    • Various small uninhabited islands

Within Sacheon-si[edit]

  • Woldeungdo
  • Sinsudo

Within Goseong-gun[edit]

  • Anjangseom
  • Jarando
  • Wado
  • Witdaehoseom
  • Patseom

Within Tongyeong-si[edit]

  • Suudo
  • Saryangdo
  • Araetseom
  • Dumido
  • Hanodaedo
  • Yokjido
  • Chudo
  • Bongdo
  • Udo
  • Yeonhwado
  • Jwasarido
  • Sojanggundo
  • Mireukdo
  • Yeondaedo
  • Naebujido
  • Oebujido
  • Hakrimdo
  • Ogokdo
  • Gukdo
  • Jido
  • Hwado
  • Jukdo
  • Hansando
  • Bijindo
  • Sojido
  • Bisando
  • Eoeuido
  • Sudo
  • Jwado
  • Yongchodo
  • Songdo
  • Chubongdo
  • Jukdo
  • Jangsado
  • Daedeokdo
  • Gawangdo
  • Maemuldo
  • Somaemuldo
    • and numerous smaller islands beyond count


Islands in Sea of Japan (East Sea)[edit]

from North to South

North Gyeongsang[edit]

Inland islands[edit]


The following islands are all located on the Han River:

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