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A false-color satellite image of Shanghai area, showing Chongming Island (top), with mid-stream islands (l-r) Changxing Island and Hengsha Island

There are several islands of Shanghai governed by Shanghai city, including the three larger inhabited islands, and a number of uninhabited ones. They are alluvial islands in the Yangtze River Delta in China.

Chongming Island[edit]

Chongming Island 31°37′06″N 121°33′12″E / 31.61833°N 121.55333°E / 31.61833; 121.55333 lies against the northern shore of the Yangtze River and is an alluvial island formed by silt carried along the river. It gives the name to Chongming County, the only county of Shanghai. It is the third largest island[citation needed] in Greater China after Taiwan and Hainan Island.

The other two inhabited Shanghai islands are Changxing Island at 88.54 km2 (34.19 sq mi), and Hengsha Island at 55.74 km2 (21.52 sq mi).[1] The 25.5 km (15.8 mi) Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel and Bridge joining the island to Shanghai opened on 2009-10-31.[2] The island will be connected to Jiangsu Province via Chonghai Bridge which has not been built yet and Chongqi Bridge which will be finished in 2012.[3]

Jiuduansha Island[edit]

Jiuduansha Island (31°10′N 121°55.5′E / 31.167°N 121.9250°E / 31.167; 121.9250 (Jiuduansha Island); total area: 423.2 square kilometres (163.4 sq mi), 114.6 square kilometres (44.2 sq mi) above sea level) has the national nature reserve, Jiuduansha Wetland.[4] It is an intertidal wetland which consists of three parts, Shangsha, Zhongsha and Xiasha.[5]

Dajinshan Island[edit]

Dajinshan Island (Big Jinshan Island), Xiaojinshan Island (Small Jinshan Island), and Fushan Island in Jinshan District are nature reserves under city jurisdiction.[6] Dajinshan has the highest point in Shanghai with an elevation of 103.4 metres (339 ft).

Some alluvial islands are relatively young and the number varies over time. For example, Jiuduansha emerged in the 1950s.[4] In 2006, the city had 19 uninhabited islands covering 226.27 square kilometres (87.36 sq mi), with a total coastline length of 309 kilometres (192 mi).[6]


Coordinates: 31°39′43″N 121°28′41″E / 31.66194°N 121.47806°E / 31.66194; 121.47806