Isle (river)

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This article is about the river in south west France. For the river in Somerset, England, see River Isle.
Perigueux Cathedrale Saint Front.jpg
Isle River in Périgueux
Origin Plateau de Millevaches
Mouth Dordogne
44°54′56″N 0°14′57″W / 44.91556°N 0.24917°W / 44.91556; -0.24917 (Dordogne-Isle)Coordinates: 44°54′56″N 0°14′57″W / 44.91556°N 0.24917°W / 44.91556; -0.24917 (Dordogne-Isle)
Basin countries France
Length 255 km
Avg. discharge 90 m³/s
Basin area 7,700 km²

The Isle (Occitan: Eila) is a 255 km long river in south-western France, right tributary of the Dordogne. Its source is in the north-western Massif Central, near the town Nexon (south of Limoges). It flows south-west through the following départements and towns:

It flows into the Dordogne River in Libourne. Among the tributaries of the Isle are the Auvézère, the Loue, the Beauronne and the Dronne.