Isle of Man Football League

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Isle of Man Football League
Country Isle of Man Isle of Man
Founded 1896
Divisions Premier League
Division Two
Number of teams 26 (13 per division)
Levels on pyramid 1 and 2
Domestic cup(s) Isle of Man FA Cup
Isle of Man Railway Cup
(Premier League clubs only)
Isle of Man Hospital Cup
Paul Henry Gold Cup
(Division Two clubs only)
Captain George Woods Memorial Cup
(Division Two clubs only)
Current champions St. Georges
(Isle of Man League 2010–11)
Most championships Peel (29 titles)
2012-13 Isle of Man League

The Isle of Man Football League, also known as Canada Life Premier League due to sponsorship purposes, is a football league for clubs on the Isle of Man run by the Isle of Man Football Association. The league does not form part of the English football league system. All clubs on the island are amateur.


The league consists of 26 clubs organised into two divisions. The Premier League, contains 13 clubs, and Division Two, 13 clubs. Two clubs are promoted from Division Two to the Premier League and two relegated from the Premier League to Division Two at the end of each season. Every club enters their reserve side into the Isle of Man Football Combination.

The island also has a women's league which consists of two tiers, both of which have six clubs. All these teams are affiliated with their male counterparts. The women's league is currently sponsored by HSBC.


Premier League[edit]

The Premier League is sponsored by Canada Life and is currently known as the Canada Life Premier League. Canada Life replace Sure Mobile as the sponsor of the old Division One, which had been known by that name since 1951, now re-branded as the Premier League.

For the 2012–13 season the clubs in the Premier League are:[1]

Division Two[edit]

Division Two is sponsored by JCK and is currently known as the JCK Division Two.

For the 2012–13 season the clubs in Division Two are:[2]

List of League winners[edit]


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