Ismail (name)

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"Esmail" redirects here. For the villages in Iran, see Esmail, Iran and Boneh-ye Esmail.
Pronunciation [ˈiːsmɑːˈiːl]
Gender Male
Language(s) Arabic
Language(s) Hebrew
Meaning Heard by God
Other names
Alternative spelling Esmail
Related names Hebrew ישמעאל

Ismail (Arabic: إسماعيل‎, ʼIsmāʻīl) is an Arabic given name. It corresponds to the English name Ishmael.

Etymology and meaning[edit]

The literal translation of the name Ismail is heard by Allah or God has heard and it refers to the yearning of Ibrahim and his wife, Sarah, to have a child. Ismail's mother, Hagar was also a wife of the prophet Abraham. Muhammad, a descendant of Ismail who was sent the Qur'an by Allah, became the final messenger, and so the name Ismail is often interpreted to mean the fulfillment of a divine promise resulting from prayer being heard.

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