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Ismail Yusuf College
Ismail Yusuf College.png
Ismail Yusuf College
Motto "सा विद्या या विमुक्त्ये"
Established 1930
Type Govt. College
Principal Dr. R. G. Atram
Undergraduates Bsc, Bachelor of Commerce, BA
Location Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
19°08′00″N 72°51′14″E / 19.13334°N 72.854022°E / 19.13334; 72.854022Coordinates: 19°08′00″N 72°51′14″E / 19.13334°N 72.854022°E / 19.13334; 72.854022
Campus Urban, Jogeshwari, 54 acres (220,000 m2)
Nickname IY College
Affiliations UGC, NAAC, University of Mumbai
Website IY College

Ismail Yusuf College, is the fourth oldest college of Mumbai, India.I Y college, as it is popularly known, is managed by Government of Maharashtra.It is the oldest college in North Mumbai. It was established in 1930 with a big treasure-trove of donation from Sir Mohammed Yusuf Ismail,K.T. on Jogeshwari Hill.The foundation stone was laid by Sir Leslie Orme Wilson, Governor of Bombay in 1924.The vision of founding fathers shape up a temple of learning in the sandstone in the regal persion style with arches and specious corridors, surrounded by countries big abundantly bearded banyans and palms stretching heavenward dotting the horizon.


Founded in March 1924, the college started functioning in 1930. Though it was established as a first grade Government Arts College, over the years it grew into a full fledged Arts, Science and Commerce College. In early forties, it was the only college beyond Bandra that catered to the educational needs of the western suburbs of North Mumbai.

Ismail Yusuf College is a fine example of co-operation between private philanthropy and Government patronage. It has a long history and picturesque topography. It came into existence due to the munificence of its donor and the patronage of the Government. In January 1914, Sir Mohammed Ismail Yusuf offered to the then State of Bombay a donation of Rs.8 lakhs for the promotion of higher education of Muslim youths. The then Governor-in-Council accepted the donation and decided that the same should be utilized for the establishment of a first grade Government Arts College at Andheri and that the college should be primarily for Muslims, but students belonging to other religious communities should also be admitted.

In the 1920s, the State of Bombay chose a site at the present day suburb of Jogeshwari for the construction of the college, which then was in the form of a tropical forest. Originally the campus was spread over 120 acres (0.49 km2) of land but today it has shrunk to about 54 acres (220,000 m2) due to encroachment by neighboring slum-dwellers and housing societies, construction of Western Express Highway bisecting the land under college control and the grant of land by the Government of Maharashtra to a private society for the establishment of an educational institution, now called Arvind Gandbhir High School.

The government established a first-grade government arts college named “Ismail Yusuf College, Jogeshwari” for the object mentioned above. A spacious building for the college was constructed and necessary equipment was purchased out of the donation. The college was administered and maintained by the government and was recognized as a Government College. However, preferential treatment was accorded to Muslim students in matter of admission, since the government had accepted the donation upon trust to devote the donation amount for promoting higher education among Muslim youths.

The donor had requested for the construction of a first grade residential Arts College primarily for Muslim students. However, the present day, college is not a residential college, nor is it a mere Arts College. It is a government college with three faculties, namely, Arts, Science and Commerce. Being an institution administered and maintained by the government, it is neither a Muslim College nor a minority institution of higher education. Nor is Ismail Yusuf College a mere Government College. It is distinct from other Government College of Maharashtra in two respects. First, promotion of higher education among Muslim students and the provision of teaching of subjects like Urdu, Persian, Arabic and Islamic Studies are the specific goals of the college. Secondly, as per the terms of settlement between the State of Bombay and Sir Mohammed Yusuf, the college has freedom to admit students irrespective of their caste, creed or religion. However, the court settlement entitles Chairman of Board of Trustees of Sir Mohammed Yusuf Family Trust and the President of Anjum-i-Islam, Mumbai, to nominate 20% if the number of students to be admitted as new entrants in the college every year.


The campus enjoys the beautiful nature with innumerable banyan,palm and other trees. Rippling brooks and glittering ponds and the beauty in the rainy season. The nature and environment reminds us of a typical 'Gurukul environment'. The campus relieves the tried mind from polluted and crowded city life.


The college offers instruction in Arts, Science and Commerce from XI standard to graduation. It has facility for Chemistry,Physics and research in zoology.IT also offers research facility for Ph.D. in Urdu and Chemistry. The well-equipped laboratories are house in two separate buildings.The college has two air-conditioned, well-equipped computer laboratories to keep pace with the changing times.

       At present(2012-2013) more than 4000 students have been pursuing their studies in the tree faculties. The college offers a number of prizes and scholarships for meritorious students for their outstanding performance.
       Relevant to the fast changing industrial industrial, economic , commercial and social requirements of the society, degree courses are offered in computer science and biotechnology etc. for science students.  


The college library is house in the main building and Library stalk room with more than 72,000 books,some of which are very rare. It subscribe to different 16 newspapers, 75 magazines, research journals and periodicals. Library provides books to the students from economically backward and backward category under book bank scheme.Library is computerized with SOUL software to provide quick services to its members.

       In the era of information technology Library provides facilities of audio visual system in the form of T.V. and D.V.D. it has a decent reading room for the students to read and study.Reading room also houses 12 computers with internet facility for the use of students.

Departments in the college[edit]

The college offers three year integrated degree courses in Arts, Science and Commerce faculties, Post graduate courses in Physics and Chemistry and Ph.D. in Chemistry besides two vocational subjects B.Sc Computer science and B.Sc Biotechnology along with UGC assistants at the B.Sc. level from 1994.

Junior College Faculty with their respected subjects[edit]

  • Arabic: Smt.S.U.Khan(H.O.D.)
  • English: Shri M.S.Loni
        : Smt.S.G.Gawli
  • Economics: Shri W.G.Nakhale
         : Dr. A.V.dhable
  • Gujrati: Smt.M.Y.Thakkar
  • Hindi: Smt K.V.Kalbande
  • History: Smt.K.C.Pawaskar(H.O.D.)
  • Marathi: Shri U.M.Patil
  • Persion: Dr.M.A.Siddiqui(H.O.D.)
  • Logic/Philosophy: Smt.S.C.Dube
  • Political Science: Dr.Rabbani(H.O.D.)
  • Psyschology: Dr.S.R.Jadhav(H.O.D.)
  • Urdu:Smt.S.G.Rizvi
  • Electronics: Shri S.D.Jadhav
  • Computer science: Shri B.D.Shirole
  • Biology: Smt.T.M.A.Khan
      : Shri V.S.Dwari
      : Smt.N.M.Paulkar
      : Smt.D. Sawant
  • Chemistry: Smt.R.A.Pai
        : Shri M.M.Prabhu
        : Shri R.P.Surywanshi
  • Mathematics: Smt.M.K.Patel
          : Shri S.P.Surywanshi
  • Physics: Shri M.M.Tekwani
      : Shri B.D.Shirole
      : Shri S.D.Jadhav
      : Smt.Shiveshwakar
      : Shri Sonawane
  • Commerce: Smt.S.S.Lele
       : Smt.K.H.Bari
        :  Shri S.D.Sonawane
  • Physical: Smt.Anita Malage(H.O.D.)
  • Librarian: Shri U.A.Nangre

Senior College Faculty with their respected subjects[edit]

  • Arabic: Prof.Smt.S.U.Khan FIP(H.O.D.)
     : Dr.(Smt.)Afsar Farooqui I/C HOD
  • English: Dr.(Smt.) S.T.Khan(H.O.D.)
      : Dr. V.K.Bite
  • Economics: Dr.Kanhere (H.O.D.)
        : Prof Mrs.Pardesani
  • Gujarati: Prof.Pandey H.G.(H.O.D.)
       : Dr.Smt.Joshi M.A.
  • History: Prof.Smt. K.C.Pawaskar
  • Marathi: Dr.Sabnis S.P.(H.O.D.)
  • Persion: Dr.Siddiqui M.A.(H.O.D.)
  • Philosophy: Prof.Dr.Nanotkar Ashok
  • Political Science: Dr.Rabbani A.(H.O.D.)
  • Psychology: Dr.S.R.Jadhav(H.O.D.)
  • Urdu: Dr.Mohd.Kaleem(H.O.D.)
   : Dr.(Smt.)Farooqui Afsar
  • Commerce: Dr.Acharya W.K.(H.O.D.)
       : Prof.Smt.Patil S.S.(FIP)
       : Prof.Shri Bari H.S.
       : Dr.Jain K.S.
  • Accountancy: Dr.Luhar A.S.(H.O.D.)
          : Pd.Salgia A.R.(C.A.)
          : Prof. Gokani N.G.(C.A.)
  • Botany: Dr.kakde U.B.(H.O.D.)
     : Shri Ghadigaonkar A.B.
  • Chemistry: Prof.Smt.Nagarsekar A.S.(H.O.D.)
        : Prof.Shri Thorat B.R.
        : Prof.Ms.Taksande K.N.
        : Prof.Shri Isankar R.D.
  • Physics: Dr.R.G.Atram(H.O.D.)
      : Dr.R.R.Kalash
      : Prof.ShriS.K.Tripathi
  • Statistics: Dr.(Smt.)Deshpande V.S.(H.O.D.)
         : Dr.(Smt.)Sagdeo M.M.
         : Dr. Narkhede V.P.
  • Zoology: Dr.G.T.Kedar(H.O.D.)
      : Dr.(Smt.)Kulkarni M.N.(H.O.D.) 
  • Computer Science: Dr Narkhede V.P.
  • Biotechnology: Prof.Shri Thorat B.R.
  • Commerce Lab: Dr.Acharya W.K.
  • Physical: Smt.Anita Malage(H.O.D.)
  • Librarian: Shri U.A.Nangre


Indoor Games

  • 01. Badminton Hall (2 courts)
  • 02. Table Tennis
  • 03. Carrom Hall
  • 04. Chess
  • 05. Fitness Zone

Outdoor Games

  • 01. Football Ground
  • 02. Hockey Ground
  • 03. Cricket Ground
  • 04. Basketball Court
  • 05. Volleyball Court (3 courts)
  • 06. Kabaddi Ground
  • 07. Kho-Kho Ground

Canteen facility[edit]

The Canteen / Mess housed in an area of 250sq.m caters to the needs of students with a variety of snacks, lunch and dinner. There are two separate messes measuring 400 sq.m providing lunch and dinner at nominal cost.


  • 1.A. R. Antulay, former Chief Minister of Maharastra State,
  • 2.Dr.Rafiq Zakaria, a noted Islamic Scholar and former Minister of Maharashtra State,
  • 3.Hussain Dalwai, former Minister and former Chairman, State Minority Commission,
  • 4.K. N. Haldipur, former Lt. Governor, Pondicherry,
  • 5.Kumudben Joshi, former Governor of Andra Pradesh State,[1]
  • 6.Dr. A.U. Shaikh, former Education Secretary, Maharashtra State,
  • 7.P. L. Deshpande, noted Marathi playwright,
  • 8.Dr M Q Dalvi, an internationally known transport economist,
  • 9.K. P. Medhekar, former Director General of Police, Maharashtra State,
  • 10.Snehaprabha Pradhan, a noted cine artist,
  • 11.Kader Khan, a noted film artist,
  • 11.Suraj K Shah, a film artist,
  • 12.Sami Khatib, a well known industrialist,
  • 13.Akhtar Rizvi, former M.P. and a well-known builder.


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