Ismailli State Reserve

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The Ismailli State Reserve

Ismailli State Reserve or Ismayilly State Reserve was established on the area of 57.78 km² in 1981 for preservation and protection of natural complexes, occupying the north part of southern slope of Major Caucasus.[1]

The area of the reserve was expanded by 109.60 km² and brought to 167 km² in June 2003.

Forests are mainly formed by such tree types as beech, hornbeam and oak, the small number of birch-tree, cud, lime-tree, etc. Among them are chestnut-leaved oak and horehound oak of the Cenozoic era were included into the Red Book of Azerbaijan. The reserve accounts for nearly 170 animal species. 104 bird species of 13 orders are found in this reserve. Such mammals as brown bear, wild cat, lynx, Caucasian dear, roe dear, chamois, Caucasian goat, etc. populate the reserve.[1]

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Coordinates: 40°58′00″N 48°06′07″E / 40.96667°N 48.10194°E / 40.96667; 48.10194