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In this Japanese name, the family name is "Isoda".
Hinagata wakana no hatsu moyō

Isoda Koryūsai (礒田湖龍斎 1735–1790?) was a Japanese printmaker and painter active from approximately 1764 to 1788.

The details of his life are under some dispute. He apparently came from a samurai background. One theory stated he became a rōnin and was forced to turn to art, but another says he voluntarily gave up the life of a samurai for art. In 1781 he received the title Hokkyo for his talent and accomplishments. That he was so honored is one of the rare statements that is generally agreed to. There are those who believe he was a pupil of Harunobu, but this is disputed. Although some of his prints survived few of his paintings did.

That said it is known that he was a prolific artist. His subjects ranged from Confucian virtues, to birds, to herblore, and also included hundreds of erotica prints.

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