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Isolate Records is an electronic music label based in the United States started in 1995 & solely operated by Wai Cheng in Berkeley, California. It has released works from artist such as O.S.T., Venetian Snares, Nommo Ogo, Tomoroh Hidari, Optic, and several others. Artists UndaCova, Fluorescent Grey, and Ae Quo joined isolate in 2004. Dyslexic Response is a sub-label of Isolate geared towards harsher, more aggressive sounds. Artists such as UndaCova, Venetian Snares, Optic, Minion, and Noize Punishment are included on Dyslexic Response.


  • iso.01 Optic Isolation Zone
  • iso.03 Venetian Snares printf ("shiver in eternal darkness\n")
  • iso.04 Nommo Ogo H.A.A.R.P. Musick
  • iso.07 O.S.T. Fimt
  • iso.08 Nommo Ogo Meat And Red Triangles / Blood Red Game
  • iso.09 Society Cleaners Take Me To Your Leader EP
  • iso.10 Nommo Ogo The Sea Finally Surfaces
  • iso.11 / RLR01 Fluorescent Grey Lying On The Floor Mingling With God In A Tijuana Hotel Room Next Door To A Veterinary Supply Store
  • iso.12 Aequo Mictlan
  • iso.13 Tomoroh Hidari The Necrophonicon


Dyslexic Response

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