Israel–Kazakhstan relations

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Israel–Kazakhstan relations
Map indicating locations of Israel and Kazakhstan



Israel–Kazakhstan relations refers to the current and historical relations between Israel and Kazakhstan. Both countries established diplomatic relations on April 10, 1992. The embassy of Israel in Kazakhstan opened in August 1992. The embassy of Kazakhstan in Israel opened in May 1996. Israel has an embassy in Astana and Kazakhstan maintains an embassy in Tel Aviv.


The Kazakhstan Secretary of State met with Moshe Kamkhy, Israel's ambassador to Uzbekistan in August 2004 to discuss social and economic ties between the countries and moving the Israeli Embassy to Astana. 95 Kazakh farmers, managers and scientists have trained in Israel.[1]

The two countries maintain close contacts in the defense and intelligence sector.[2]

In April 2009, Kazakhstan's National Security Committee claimed that the country's Ministry of Defense knowingly bought faulty artillery and defense systems from Israeli weapon manufactures. Kazhimurat Mayermanov, a deputy defense minister, was arrested in connection with the case.[2]

In June 2009, Israeli President Shimon Peres visited Kazakhstan, as he had a number of times as foreign minister.[3]

Some Israeli commentators have signaled that Israel's relations with the Central Asian states, including Kazakhstan, are part of the country's involvement in "The New Great Game" for control over the strategic natural resources in Central Asia.[3]

Kazakhstan's oil-sales to Israel[edit]

Over 25% of Israel's oil purchases are from Kazakhstan, and Kazakhstan is seeking to increase its oil sales to Israel.[4]

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