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The Israel Religious Action Center (Hebrew: המרכז לפלורליזם יהודי) also known as IRAC, was established in 1987 as the public and legal advocacy arm of the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism. It is located in Jerusalem, Israel. IRAC aims to defend equality, social justice, and religious pluralism within Israel, through the Israeli legal system, lobbying and publications. Recent campaigns include an effort to ban gender segregation on Israeli public buses, a successful public campaign for the abolition of income guarantees to kollel students, and a lobbying campaign in defense of human rights organizations operating in Israel. Anat Hoffman, currently the executive director of IRAC, is also the director and a founding member of Neshot HaKotel, also known as "Women of the Wall" or WoW, an organization of women who pray at the Western Wall in an egalitarian manner.

Areas of focus[edit]

Promote acceptance of religious pluralism in Israel, working to secure equal funding and status for Reform and Conservative movements.

Oppose discrimination against women and gender segregation.

Oppose racism, particularly when incited by religious or government representatives.

Secure the rights of converts to Judaism.

Promote freedom of marriage and equal rights in divorce. [1]


  • In 2014, IRAC won its first class-action suit. The Jerusalem District Court agreed that IRAC's client, Kolech could receive damages from Kol baRama, an ultra-Orthodox radio station that prohibits women from participating in its broadcasts or working as employees. Kolech is an Orthodox women's organization.[2][3]

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