Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest 1991

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Eurovision Song Contest 1991
Country  Israel
National selection
Selection process National Final
Selection date(s) 27 March 1991
Selected entrant Duo Datz
Selected song "Kan (כאן)"
Finals performance
Final result 3rd, 139 points
Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Israel was present at the Eurovision Song Contest 1991, held in Rome, Italy.

The Israeli broadcaster IBA continued to use a national final to select their entry. 12 songs competed in the final held of 27 March 1991, where 7 regional juries chose the winner.

The winner was Duo Datz with the song "Kan" (כאן, English: "Here").

Kdam Eurovision 1991[edit]

The Israeli national final was held of 27 March 1991, and was hosted by Dani Roup and Shira Gera.

Result of the national final[edit]

Draw Artist Song Points Place
1 Adam "Yachad na'amod" 53 2
2 Elinor Aharon and Tzeirey Tel-Aviv "Tze'ira" 49 4
3 Ilana Avital "Ahavati ha'achrona" 14 9
4 Shir "Kol shana" 51 3
5 Shimi Tavori "Mitga'age'ah la'romantica" 5 11
6 Yoel Lerner and Moti Dichne "Primadonna" 11 10
7 Tal Amir "Mikol hashtikot" 2 12
8 Shlomi Shabat "Mikan" 41 5
9 Ofira Yossefi "Olam" 35 7
10 Uri Feinman "Hava nagila, gila" 41 5
11 Puncher "Bella" 34 8
12 Duo Datz "Kan" 70 1

At Eurovision[edit]

Duo Datz performed 15th on the night of the contest, following Norway and preceding Finland. At the close of the voting it had received 139 points, placing 3rd in a field of 22.