Israeli Athletic Association

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Israeli Athletic Association
Sport Athletics
Founded 1931
Affiliation European Athletic Association
Affiliation date 1989
President Doron Kofman
Official website

The Israeli Athletic Association (IAA), located at 10 Shitrit Street, Tel Aviv, Israel, is the governing body of athletics in Israel.[1][2][3] Doron Kofman is its President, and Jack Cohen is its General Secretary.[4]


It was founded in 1931, as the Federation for Amateur Sports in Palestine.[1] The State of Israel was formed in 1948, and Israel first participated in the Olympics in 1952.[1]

Because of pressure from Arab nations, Israel was forced out of participation in its rightful group – Asia – by the Asian Amateur Athletic Association in 1974.[5] That limited the ability of Israeli track athletes little to compete internationally.[5] In September 1989, Primo Nebiolo announced that the International Amateur Athletics Federation (IAAF) congress voted unanimously to make Israel a "temporary" member of the European Athletic Association.[5][6][6]

Israel's first track and field global medal was won by Aleksandr Averbukh, who won a silver medal in the pole vault at the 2001 World Championships in Athletics.[1] The IAA named Ethiopian-born distance runner Zohar Zimro its 2011 Athlete of the Year.[7]


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