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"IPWA" redirects here. For the American independent promotion, see Independent Professional Wrestling Alliance.
Israeli Pro Wrestling Association
Acronym IPWA
Founded 2001 (school)
2003 (first professional event)
Defunct 2014 (as a promotion, still active as a school)
Style Technical wrestling
Headquarters Netanya, Israel
Founder(s) Gery Roif
Owner(s) Gery Roif (2001–)

Israeli Pro Wrestling Association was an independent wrestling promotion, operating from Israel.


IPWA was founded in October 17, 2001 by Gery Roif and ran a few exhibition matches on national TV before holding the initial Summer Splash event in summer 2002.[1] Roif was crowned its first champion after defeating Texas Wrestling Academy graduate Joey "The MOALM" Tylec in a televised match in the summer of 2003.

Subsequently, the IPWA gained a fair amount of recognition world wide; toward the end of 2003 Total Wrestling magazine started publishing its rankings on monthly basis. Summer Splash 3 in 2004 featured FWA star Aviv Maayan making a one-night appearance to team up with Hawaii Allen and take on Jumping Lee and Yossi The Bull with Joey Tylec finally defeating Gery Roif to win the IPWA title.

In 2005 almost the entire IPWA roster starred in a wrestling/social satire sitcom series "Makkat Medina" ("The Land Under Attack"), gaining further recognition in Israel. Both Kevin Von Erich and Bret Hart visited the crew during taping. In the beginning of 2006, the IPWA Wrestlenovella event was aired on The Wrestling Channel. In June 2009, the promotion had an event that got aired on the local Ego Total channel under the title of Israeli Wrestling. In the summer of 2011 Rabbi Swissa defeated Israel's "Survivor" reality show winner, Nathan Bashevkin.

On 2011 the promotion ran a series of monthly events, from "Makat shemesh" at June to "Makot besukut" at November.

On August 16, 2012 Tatanka main evented the Wrestling Super Show as he defeated Rabi Swissa to win the IPWA Heavyweight Championship. Two months later the match was shown on Israeli sport channel ONE.

On April 19, 2014 former two time WWE Cruiserweight champion and two time ECW Tag Team champion, Little Guido defeated Rabi Swissa in IPWA's traditional Passover Bash which was the last show of the promotion.


Last known roster[edit]


IPWA Heavyweight Championship[edit]

IPWA Heavyweight Championship
Date established July 24, 2003
Promotion Israeli Pro Wrestling Association

The IPWA Heavyweight Championship is the only professional wrestling championship in the Israeli Pro Wrestling Association promotion. At the end of 2002, Israeli professional wrestler Gery Roif announced a match between himself and Joey "The Moalm" Tylec to determine the first IPWA Heavyweight Champion.

Since the IPWA Heavyweight Championship's inception in 2003, there have been ten different title holders, combining for fifteen championship reigns.[2] The title was retired in February 2008 when the promotion closed but in May 2009 the title became active once again with the promotion relaunching.

# Wrestler Reigns Date Days held Location Notes
1 Gery Roif 1 2003-07-24 215 Herzliya, Israel Defeated Joey Tylec to become the first champion.
2 Nadav Arbel 1 2004-02-24 0 Netanya, Israel Defeated Gery Roif in the semifinals of a tournament in which the title is on the line in every match that the champion is in.
3 Evgeny Lyder 1 2004-02-24 49 Netanya, Israel Defeated Nadav Arbel in the same tournament's final.
4 New York Rosenfeld 1 2004-04-13 0 Netanya, Israel
5 Gery Roif 2 2004-04-13 84 Netanya, Israel
6 Joey Tylec 1 2004-07-06 296 Netanya, Israel
7 Gery Roif 3 2005-04-28 203 Netanya, Israel
8 Omry Balely 1 2005-11-17 103 Tel Aviv, Israel
9 Hawaii Allen 1 2006-02-08 466 Tel Aviv, Israel Allen was stripped of the title in 2007.
10 Sharon Palty 1 2007-06-09 704 Tel Aviv, Israel Defeated Yossi The Bull in a tournament final.
11 Yossi the Bull 1 2009-05-13 476 Tel Aviv, Israel Defeated Sharon Palty. Got stripped of the belt in September 2010.
12 Rabi Swissa (Gery Roif) 4 2011-07-14 399 Netanya,Israel Defeated Lior Libman in the finals of an 8 man tournament
13 Tatanka 1 2012-08-16 7 Netanya,Israel Was stripped of the title after he couldn't defend it
14 Rabi Swissa (Gery Roif) 5 2012-08-23 151 Netanya,Israel Defeated Ken Kerbis in the finals of a ten men Gauntlet match
15 Hellboy 1 2013-01-21 182 Tel Aviv,Israel Hellboy was stripped of the title in July 22, 2013
16 Lior Libman 1 2013-09-08 223 Kalya,Israel
Deactivated 2014-04-19 Jerusalem, Israel The IPWA ceases promoting events in April 19, 2014


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