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For Ford F-series pickup trucks, see Ford F-series.
Isuzu Forward & Isuzu F-Series
Isuzu F-Series (2008).jpg
Manufacturer Isuzu
Also called Isuzu Borneo (Indonesia)
Isuzu Heavy Duty
Isuzu Giga (Indonesia)
Chevrolet F series (Colombia)
Isuzu Tora (Turkey)
Production 1970-present
Assembly Biñan, Laguna, Philippines (IPC)
Ulyanovsk, Russia (Sollers-Isuzu)
Chongqing, China (Qingling)
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (IVC)
Huechuraba, Chile
Jakarta, Indonesia (IAMI)
Lagos, Nigeria (GMNL)
Pekan, Malaysia (Isuzu HICOM)
Karachi, Pakistan (Ghandhara Industries)
Istanbul, Turkey (Anadolu Isuzu)
Body and chassis
Class Truck
Body style Truck (standard cab (Worldwide), crew cab (Australia only))
Transmission Isuzu (manual/semi-automatic)
Allison (automatic)
Eaton Fuller (manual)

The Isuzu Forward & Isuzu F-Series (kana:いすゞ・フォワード) is a line of medium-duty commercial vehicles built by Isuzu. All F-series trucks are cab over designs and the cabin comes fully built from the factory. Most models come with a diesel engine; but, some markets get CNG derivatives as well. The F-series is available a variety of cab styles, engines, 4WD or 2WD depending on the market it is sold. Most trucks are assembled in Japan; however, they are locally assembled from CKD kits in some countries.

Most mid-size and big-size models of the truck are distinguishable by a front 'Forward' badge; but the common Isuzu badge is usually used on the rear.

The Isuzu Forward is among the commercial grade trucks used by the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force for rear line duties.

In United States, its principal competitors are Bering MD, Chevrolet W-Series, GMC W-Series, Mitsubishi Fuso FK and the UD 2000/2300. In Japan, its main competitors are Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter, Nissan Diesel/UD Condor, Hino Ranger.

For the Chilean and Peruvian markets, the trucks were shipped from Japan as CKD kits to Huechuraba, Chile, where up to 2 a day can be assembled by a team of 13 workers. They were badged as Chevrolets, and GMCs until 2009. On June 10, 2008, GM Chile announced its 20,000th Isuzu truck assembled in its Huechuraba plant (including N and F series).

Current lineup[edit]

Isuzu Forward Wing-truck
Chevrolet FVR (Colombia)


  • FRR
  • FSR
  • FTR
  • FVR
  • FVM
  • FVZ
  • FSS
  • FTS


Isuzu FTR as fire engine (Australia)
Isuzu FVR 1000 (Australia)

Isuzu is the market leader in Australia and makes unique models to that market. It includes Crew cabs of popular models with options like 4X4 and PTO. Australia also receives slightly larger versions codenamed FX-series.

  • FRD
  • FSR
  • FSD
  • FTR
  • FVR
  • FVD
  • FVM
  • FVL
  • FVZ
  • GVD
  • FSS
  • FTS
  • FXR
  • FXD
  • FXZ
  • FXY
  • FXL
  • GXD

Discontinued models[edit]

  • FRD
  • FSD
  • FRS
  • GSR
  • JCS (SKD assembled in India by Hindustan)

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