Isuzu Journey-K

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Isuzu Journey-K
ShuhokuBus 430.jpg
Manufacturer Isuzu
Production 1984-1999
Body and chassis
Class Buses
Body style Bus
Transmission 5-speed manual
5-speed automatic
Wheelbase 3.75m, 4.3m
Length 9m
Predecessor Isuzu CCM/CDM
Successor Isuzu Erga Mio

The Isuzu Erga Journey-K (kana:いすゞ・ジャーニーK) is a midibus built by Isuzu. The range was primarily available as city bus and tourist coach.

Isuzu medium-duty buses[edit]

  • BK30 (1972)
  • CCM370/410 (1976)
  • K-CCM370/410 (1980)
  • K-CDM370/410 (1982)

The CCM370 has Isuzu's 5.8 liter 6BD1 diesel engine with 160 PS (118 kW).[1]


  • P-LR212/311/312 (1984)
  • U-LR312/332 (1990)
  • KC-LR233/333 (1995)

Model lineup[edit]

  • One Step 9m
  • Two Step 9m

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