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Isuzu Truck (UK) Ltd (ITUK) with headquarters in Hatfield, Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom is an official dealer of Isuzu and operates in Portuguese Vendas Novas its own assembly plant for Thailand-delivered SKD - kits for the UK market.

The company was first founded in January 1996 and is 15% owned by the Japanese Isuzu corporation. The establishment of the company was one investment of 300,000 pounds sterling. The management reports to the company president Nikki King. Assembled annually by the UN at the ITUK Automóveis, SA is about 1,000 to 2,000 vehicles. The truck, however, the company draws directly from Japanese production. Around 350 people are employed by the company currently, including about 150 in the country.

Production in Vendas Novas was founded in 1996 with the Isuzu Rodeo TF added. After production of the previous model, which was sold as a Vauxhall Brava and the identical sister models Isuzu Rodeo and Isuzu LB. A more expensive version for the United Kingdom is called the Isuzu Rodeo Denver. The LB, however, was intended for the North American market.

The first models were imported in the UK from the late 1980s: these were the Isuzu Trooper and the Isuzu Bighorn, which until 1996 was sold by Vauxhall dealers as Vauxhall Monterey. The newest model introduced late in 2010, is the Isuzu TT Fortigo, which represents an evolution of the old TF and Rodeo and has modern looks. So far, however, this model is still not officially included in model range in any national market.

In the commercial vehicle sector, however, since the company was founded it has imported Isuzu Grafter truck. Then in 2007, the Isuzu Forward was added into the model program.


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