It's Time (The Guess Who album)

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It's Time
Studio album by The Guess Who
Released 1966
Genre Rock 'n Roll
Length 30:28
The Guess Who chronology
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It's Time
A Wild Pair

It's Time is an album released in 1966 by the Canadian rock band The Guess Who, credited on the album cover as "The Guess Who?". Chad Allan (not shown on the cover) performed on the album but left before it was released. Bruce Decker (shown on the cover) did not perform on the album.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "All Right" (Ross/Vanadore)- 2:24
  2. "And She's Mine" (Bachman)- 2:42
  3. "As" (Bachman)- 2:26
  4. "You Know He Did" (Al Ransom) - 2:04
  5. "Baby Feelin'" (J. Kidd)- 2:03
  6. "Clock on the Wall" (Bachman)- 3:04
  7. "Don't Act So Bad" (Kale)- 3:10
  8. "Believe Me" (Bachman)- 2:56
  9. "Seven Long Years" (Cummings)- 2:47
  10. "One Day" (Bachman)- 2:03
  11. "Gonna Search" (Bachman)- 2:30
  12. "Guess I'll Find a Place" (C. Allan)- 2:24


Chad Allan - Guitar & Vocals
Randy Bachman - Guitar & Vocals
Jim Kale - Bass & Vocals
Gary Peterson - Drums
Burton Cummings - Keyboards, Vocals

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