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It's a Mall World is an original short comedy series made exclusively for American Eagle Outfitters.[1]


The series explores the lives and relationships of two record store employees, an "object of perfection" greeter at the American Eagle store across the way, as well as a slightly psychotic girl who works in a lingerie store, and a bad-boy poseur from the requisite mall juice bar.


The 13 episode series was written by Adam Green (writer/director of Hatchet), directed by Milo Ventimiglia (Gilmore Girls, Heroes and Rocky Balboa) and produced by Russ Cundiff for Divide Pictures.

The ensemble cast is made up of talented, up-and-coming actors including Sam Huntington ("Superman Returns", "Veronica Mars", "Being Human"), Dianna Agron ("Shark", "CSI: NY", "Glee"),[2] Amanda Loncar ("The Loop", "Law & Order"), Deon Richmond ("Hatchet", "Not Another Teen Movie") and Eddie Hargitay ("Neutral Ground", "Freaky Links").[3]


The mini-episodes premiered August 1, 2007 and ran during episodes of MTV's The Real World.


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