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It's a skull is a 1995 dance-style computer music track. The track was created by Paul Hamilton of Exeter, UK, with OctaMED on an Amiga computer. The track's vocals consist entirely of speech samples from Vulcan Software's famous adventure game Valhalla and the Lord of Infinity, taken out of context and rearranged. Hamilton submitted the track to Amiga Power magazine's "In the style of..." competition as "Valhalla in the style of... a crap dance mix" in issue #48 in April 1995, and the magazine later published it on their issue #50 cover disk in June 1995.

The lyrics are mostly nonsensical, but form a general dialogue between a young, naïve hero and an ominous master. The chorus line goes "It's a skull, it's a skull, it's a, it's a, it's a skull", and according to AP, the ending is quite funny. The track is still somewhat popular in the Amiga community and can be downloaded from the Internet.

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