It Happened in Canada

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It Happened in Canada
Author(s) Gordon Johnston
Current status / schedule defunct
Genre(s) non-fiction, history

It Happened in Canada was a syndicated Canadian cartoon feature by Gordon Johnston that presented Canadian facts and achievements in a manner similar to Ripley's Believe It or Not!. As many as 65 newspapers in Canada carried the comic during its run in the 1970s and 1980s.[1][2] Some episodes featured relatively obscure details about Prime Ministers such as R. B. Bennett and John Diefenbaker.[3]


Several collections of the comic were published as books:[4]

  • Johnston, Gordon; Al Oliver (1967). It Happened in Canada. London, Ontario: Algor Features. 
  • Johnston, Gordon (1971). Johnston's It Happened in Canada. Toronto Star Reader Service. 
  • Johnston, Gordon (c. 1976). More It Happened in Canada. Scholastic-TAB. 
  • Johnston, Gordon (c. 1976). Still More It Happened in Canada. Scholastic-TAB. 
  • Johnston, Gordon (1983). It Happened in Canada. Methuen. 
  • Johnston, Gordon (c. 1983). It Happened in Western Canada. Western Producer. 
  • Johnston, Gordon (1991). It Happened in Canada. Toronto: Scholastic Canada. ISBN 0590740695. 


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